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Thank You 2018-2019 Donors!

Diamond Star
($5,000 - $9,999)

Ellen and Paul Ferraro

Gold Star
($500 - $999)

Gene Guttromson

Lorrie and Jon Morgan

John and Karen Sjoberg

Bronze Star
($100 - $249)

Elizabeth and Ralph Acaba

Bob and Judy Anderson

David and Amy Apigian

Doug and Michele Browne

Janice and Bob Bushnell

Lisa and Vinh Chau

Anupama Davies

Anne and Mike Davis

Emily and Andrew Davis

Jennifer DiCesare

Elizabeth Donato

Kristen and Ken Ferrara

Kerri and Vin Figueroa

Ozzie Filho

The Fournier Family

Carolyn and Phil Francisco

Amy Fuccione

Laurie Hadamovsky

Crystal Hermann

John and Barbara Kenney

Claire Liliedahl

John and Grace Llodra

Peter and Gail Lundin

Patricia Madigan

Kathleen and Barry Marson

Rajesh and Priya Palakkal

Eric and Catherine Pauly

Rob and Rosie Pellizzari

Maura and Vincent Pinque

Linda and Kevin Prince

Caitlin O’Brien

Karen and Dave Riggert

Stephanie Salem

Judy Schuster

Laura Teeple

John Ting

Jennifer West

Tony and Leslie Willson

Thomas and Theresa Wilson

Platinum Star
($1,000 - $4,999)

Marlena Gilbert

Middlesex Savings Bank

Steven Onishi & Dawn Alling

Matthew Shiely

David Ward

Gabriel Weatherhead

Silver Star
($250 - $499)

Paul and Katherine Blount

Liz Brennan

James Herberich

Barb and Craig Keast

Paul Keen

Ted and Connie Lapres

Veronica Lowney

Jason and Katherine Shamberger

Janet and Kim Sheffield

Linda Zilembo

Support Star
($1 - $99)

Charlie and Betsy Bridge

Brian DiGiovanni

Susan and William Ellerkamp

Maureen and Russell Giattino

John and Judy Giger

Groton Community School

Emmanuel Guelin and Samantha Matson

Bob and Ellen Hargraves

Karen and Bill Harte

Sue and Joe Hauk

Helen Hughson

The Kritzer Family

Shirley Man

Maureen Mayer

The Moeser Family

Jen Neiley

The Pitkin Family

Susan Prescott

Lisa and Terry O’Neill

Cindy and Bard Salmon

Julie Spang

Heather Spinney-Laidlaw

Heather Stacchi

Robin Tompkins

John Tyler

Heather Vandermillen

Ginger Vollmar

John and Ann Wortman

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