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Give the Gift of a Teaching Star!

Recognize a Teaching Star

Are you looking for a unique way to recognize a Teacher, Administrator, or Other Staff/Community Member for their hard work and impact they’ve had on your child? GDEF Teaching Stars are the perfect gift! They are a great way to say Thank You while helping to enrich the schools in the form of a donation to GDEF. Certificates are great for:

  • Holiday Gifts

  • Valentine’s Day Present

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • End of Year Gifts


Do you have an Amazing Team working with your child this year and can’t decide which one to give a Teaching Star to? Give them a Team Star Award!  We are now offering Team Star Awards where you can make one donation recognizing up to four recipients.  Each member will receive their own certificate.  This could include any combination of Teachers, Room Assistants, Guidance Counselors, Special Education Team, etc. You pick!

Show an educator how much they’re appreciated with a Teaching Star!

The Star Award does not count towards a teacher’s limited dollar amount they can receive on gifts.

Minimum Contributions for individual Star Award are $20, and Minimum Contributions for Team Awards are $40. 

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