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Applying for a Groton Dunstable Education Foundation Grant


What is the mission of the Groton Dunstable Education Foundation?

The Groton Dunstable Education Foundation, Inc. (GDEF) is a volunteer non-profit organization committed to enhancing the success of our public schools by providing private funding for innovative, inspiring programs and opportunities. This community driven foundation believes that each child deserves an excellent educational experience and that supported and successful schools are fundamental elements of our special communities.

What are the GDEF grant guidelines?

The foundation will take the following guidelines into account when reviewing grant applications:

  • Funded programs should supplement the Groton Dunstable Regional School District budget, not supplant it. Grants are intended to provide the seed money necessary to pilot programs, which would not otherwise be possible.GDEF does not fund grants for on-going programming.

  • GDEF does not typically approve grants that copy another mini grant’s premises, but an expansion in the form of a regular grant would be considered.

  • Priority will be placed on programs that have a direct impact on students, present opportunities across the student population, and are aligned with the educational curriculum.

  • GDEF will consider each grant request based on its own merits.

  • GDEF grants may cover substitute teacher time, materials, and equipment for a proposed program. Direct teaching time beyond contracted hours may be reimbursed at applicable contracted rates. In most cases, indirect expenses such as travel, meals, and basic consumables will not be covered.GDEF will generally not reimburse parents or community members for their time, but may consider requests to do so in unusual circumstances or when their special skill set is required.


Who can apply for a GDEF grant?

Anyone, with the support of a GDRSD faculty sponsor, can apply for a GDEF grant.

​Where can I get a GDEF grant application? (In Google Docs you have VIEW privileges.  Make yourself a copy, then you can write, share, etc. with your colleagues!)​


What do I do with my completed application?

Submit your application via email or standard mail to GDEF Inc.

Email address:

Mailing address: Attn: Grants, P.O. Box 322, Groton, MA 01450

Who do I contact if I have questions?​

Please contact our Grant Director at



Major Grant Over $1,000, awarded TWICE per year!

                      * January 15, 2024  *  July 31, 2024 *

Mini Grant - $1,000 or less, awarded on a rolling monthly basis all year!

Sponsorship Request for funds towards an event up to $500, awarded on a rolling monthly basis all year!

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