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Thank You 2019-2020 Donors!

*Donations received through our Annual Giving Campaign

Diamond Star
($5,000 - $9,999)

Ellen and Paul Ferraro

Gold Star
($500 - $999)

Lorrie and Jon Morgan

Bronze Star
($100 - $249)

Doug and Michele Browne

Anu & Peter Davies

Liz & Jim Brennan

Laura Cummings and Joseph Walch

Judy & Bob Anderson

Wilson Brothers HVAC Inc.

Crystal & Bob Herrmann

Anne and Mike Davis

Judy & Chris Schuster

Sara and Clint Keeney

Anne McGinty

Patricia Madigan

Robert & Juliette Wilkie

Michael & Colleen Neff

Glen and Robin Tompkins

John and Judy Giger

Lydia Winter

Rob and Rosie Pellizzari

Rajesh and Priya Palakkal

Lori & Jim Herberich

Stephanie Salem

Ray Murphy & Beth Lindstrom

Maura & Vincent Pinque

Ellen Wetmore and Jeffrey Warmouth

Veronica & Brendan Lowney

Peter and Gail Lundin

Nicholas Degaitas & Kim Lindstrom

Karen and Dave Riggert

Kim Gaboriault

Platinum Star
($1,000 - $4,999)

Middlesex Savings Bank

Matthew & Jean-Claire Shiely

Gabriel Weatherhead

Dawn Alling & Steven Onishi

Brittain & Rita McKinley

Guttromson Family

Silver Star
($250 - $499)

John & Christine Ting

Janet and Kim Sheffield

James and Judy Seidewand

Paul and Katherine Blount

Katherine and Jason Shamberger

Jodie and John Sannazzaro

Barbara and Craig Keast

Connie & Ted Lapres

Carolyn and Phil Francisco

David and Amy Apigian

Support Star
($1 - $99)

Claire & Dan Liliedahl

Laura & Charlie Teeple

Kevin & Jess Charland

Thomas and Theresa Wilson

Karl Grindley

Ryan McLane

Fournier Family

Ginger Vollmar

Michelle & Todd Vesty

Susan & James Prescott

Joshua & Amy Kritzer

Sue and Joe Hauk

John & Kristen Kosiba

John and Mary Trickett

Susan and William Ellerkamp

Maureen and Russell Giattino

Joseph & Jennifer DiCesare

Kathryn & Brian Bettencourt

Helen & Rick Hughson

Diane and Peter Carson

Kathy & Andrew Sniezek

Bob & Ellen Hargraves

John Tyler

Emmanuel Guelin & Samantha Matson

Christine and Jeff Gross

Stuart & Susan Schulman

Groton Community School

Linda and Dean Papadopoulos

Julie Spang

Mary Jennings

Linda and Kevin Prince

Heather & Michael Stacchi


Lisa & William O’Neill

Karla and Jeff Garibotto

Tony and Leslie Wilson

Brett & Heather Spinney-Laidlaw

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