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2022-23  Mini Grants
Robotomies Logo.png

Robotomies Sponsorship

HS | Rocheleau

GDEF sponsors the Groton-Dunstable Regional High School’s Robotics team – The Robotomies. The team competes annually in the International FIRST Robotics Competition.


G-D Elementary Science Fair Sponsorship

SU/FR | Neff and Bellorado

GDEF was a proud sponsor of the 2023 Groton Dunstable Elementary Science Fair. Children in Kindergarten to Grade 4 have fun and learn about science at this well-loved event that brings the school community together.

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The Great Thanksgiving Listen

MS | Blydenburgh

GDEF purchased digital voice recorders to ensure that all 8th graders could participate in the StoryCorps Great Thanksgiving Listen, an oral history project through Story Corps. Students recorded interviews with an elder, mentor, friend, or someone they admire. Some students uploaded their interviews to the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress! These recorded histories also served as jumping off point to craft narrative nonfiction in ELA class.


Staff Education on Sexual Assault

HS | Keane (Student)

This student-led grant will bring Dr. Rachel Stanton to lead staff at the high school in a training session on sexual assault. Through the training and distribution of teal awareness stickers, the High School community will raise awareness and understanding of sexual assault.


MS Courtyard Garden Science

MS | Breault

This grant empowered 5th grade STEM students to completely overhaul their school courtyard garden beds through a new interdisciplinary botany program.

2022-23  Major Grants
Image by Jem Sahagun

Imagine Robotify

MS | Roy

This grant supports the implementation of Imagine Robotify in the Innovation Lab 6th grade curriculum as a 23-24 school year pilot. Imagine Robotify is a 3D, browser-based robotics simulator that engages students in learning to code in Blockly and Python with a curriculum aligned strongly with Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards. Imagine Robotify will support GDRSD's Universal Design for Learning (UDL) initiative by providing students the tools to analyze information, collaborate, and be creative.  The Imagine Robotify curriculum expands access to robotics at the middle school as it equitably allows students to code their own digital, software-based robot and pursue advanced computer science offerings. 

Image by Anna Frizen

Let Them Dance

SU | Pelletier and Dinneen

This grant supports an interdisciplinary program to build community and learn new skills! The program includes a whole school assembly featuring impressive contemporary and old school hip hop dance and comedic sketches about getting through some

of the challenges of school life by respecting peers, respecting teachers, and having the

courage to speak out when necessary. Artists will work with the students in physical education classes on dance styles from hip hop to jazz. This innovative program supports both social emotional and arts/culture learning goals.

Image by Alireza Attari

Audio Books for Everyone

SU | Mulligan

This grant funds the purchase of Wonderbook and Playaway devices for the SU library to give all students the opportunity to access audiobooks with developmentally appropriate and user-friendly technology. The titles include picture books, leveled readers and chapter books to help students with word building, comprehension, vocabulary and reading development. These popular devices inspire young students to become better readers and learners. 

Growing Tomato Plants

Sustainable Living High Tunnel

HS | Reid & Gounis

This grant supports the Sustainable Living interdisciplinary course at the High School as they add a high tunnel greenhouse to the GD Garden. This will give Sustainable Living a space where classes can be conducted even during the coldest winter months, provide alternative seed starting/additional growing space and extend the growing season, and give students the experience of building a structure in a supervised and safe

environment. This opportunity to work hands-on, and learn by doing has proven to be valuable to students of all levels and abilities, and the class has brought together groups of students who rarely have the opportunity to work together.

Audience and Lecturer

ACTFL Conference in Boston for Foreign Language Teachers

HS | Liebold

This grant allowed GD World Language staff to attend the American Council on Teaching Foreign Language conference in Boston. Attending the ACTFL conference provided an opportunity for faculty to learn, grow and become inspired to teach language using new methodologies in the classroom. They gained knowledge on how to apply the new standards in GD classrooms, learned best practices, connected and reconnected with language educators around the world and attended workshops relevant to their content areas.

Banners Made of CNC

CNC Router

HS | Rocheleau

GDEF supported the addition of a CNC Router (Computer Numerical Control) to the GD tech lab for the educational benefit of GD technology, engineering and robotics students. Students use the machine not only to learn about manufacturing and prototyping techniques, but to enhance their ability to create custom precision parts for GD robotics. GD's FIRST Robotics team can now quickly and accurately create one or more custom parts for their competition robot with unparalleled speed and quality; and the technology and engineering students are able to expand their understanding of and experience in manufacturing processes used in modern industries.

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