Volunteer Opportunities

Job Descriptions

Longer-term  (1-3-year commitment)


  • Treasurer

    • Have a  firm grasp of financial management including budgeting, accounting and current IRS and state rules regarding non-profit corporations. 

    • ​Understand Excel software and Quickbooks

    • Become well-acquainted with GDEF’s philosophy, Mission, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

    • Attend monthly board meetings.

    • Maintain all board records pertaining to this position and ensure their accuracy and safe storage.

    • Support fundraising events as necessary.​

    • Create and the Annual GDEF budget.

    • Track revenue and expenses of the organization.

    • File the appropriate yearly forms to the IRS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    • ​Maintain all bank accounts.

    • Report to the BOD on key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health.

    • Update and maintain all GDEF financial records and ensure their accuracy and safe storage.

    • Working closely with the Grants Director to ensure grant expenses are paid correctly and accurate records are kept. 

    • Working with Annual Giving Team to assure that donations are tracked accurately and acknowledged correctly.

  • Social Media Outreach via Tweeter & Facebook

    • Monitor Twitter feed and ​support our teachers ❤️  !

    • Tweet GDEF news!

    • Write FB posts and monitor likes and comments! 

  •  Grants Coordinator

    • Request and receive grant proposals from teachers and community members

    • Manage incoming grants. 

    • Facilitate decision-making

    • Notify grantees of awards

    • Help publicize approved grants and programs.

  • Business Coordinator 

    • Develop relationship and solicit donations from local businesses.

  • Directors-at-large

    • General volunteers who help with pieces of all jobs as they are able! 

    • Vote on Grant Proposals

Short term (1-2 day commitment)


  • Grants Review Committee Members 

    • Help us read the grants received and make recommendations to the board.


For more information contact Emily Davis, President at:  info@gdefinc.org 

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