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Ancient Civilizations

SU | Wynn

GDEF has approved Sue Wynn’s request for a mini-grant to fund a 24-lecture course offered through Great Courses called “Ancient Civilizations of North America”. This will supplement and support the amazing work she is doing to fully implement the new 2018 History and Social Studies Frameworks.

"Speak" - Books for a Pilot ELA class

HS | Wilkins

GDEF provided class sets of the book “Speak” for the piloting of two exciting new classes in 19-20. Open Honors English 9 is an unleveled ELA class that gives every student access to a rich and challenging curriculum while offering those students who wish to challenge themselves further in both depth and breadth the opportunity to take the class for Honors credit. The Literacy Workshop is a course designed to offer support in essential and fundamental areas of reading and writing for those students who need more focused attention in order to meet standards at their grade level. Both of these classes have developed out of district Universal Design for Learning initiatives, oriented toward providing and supporting access to the full curriculum for all students.


“Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson is one of the most taught books in high schools across the U.S.now. With a high school freshman female protagonist, a plot full of relatable and contemporary subject matter, and a high level of accessibility and engagement for young readers,” Speak” is the perfect way to have students explore what voice is and how and why to use it.

Touch IT Board

HS | MacDonald

This grant is for an interactive Touch IT board which will allow students to use more technology in math classrooms. Mr. MacDonald is working to incorporate more technology into math classrooms to better prepare our students for changes in jobs after school. Mr. MacDonald shared that the possibilities of what this interactive board can do are endless. Students can use their fingers to draw and interact with content, they can project their work from their devices, the class can use the board to annotate over websites, powerpoints, etc., they can project document cameras, save photos from the document camera and more!

Sustainable Living

HS | Gounis/McHugh

This grant is for 50 students in Spring 2020 to engage in a project-based senior experience to learn about the concept and importance of sustainability, the production and preservation of food using sustainable practices, and ways in which these practices can be implemented in their lives and communities.  Their students will learn critical problem solving and teamwork skills that they will carry with them after graduation. With climate change and sustainability being a big part of the national conversation in recent years, students will see what they can do at the community level and be introduced to local programs and farms. This course will result in the creation of a community garden on the high school campus, as well as various campus beautification projects and the implementation of other sustainable programs. This program will be shared with the Groton and Dunstable Communities for years to come.

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2019-20 Mini Grants

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